PM Pashinyan addresses Yazidi community of Armenia over Sinjar Genocide

04 Օգոստոսի 2020


Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan addressed the Yazidi community of Armenia on the occasion of the Sinjar Genocide anniversary. As ARMENPRESS was informed from the Office of the Prime Minister, the message runs as follows,

‘’Dear sisters and brothers of the Yazidi community of Armenia,


Today we commemorate the anniversary of the genocide against the Yazidi people in Sinjar perpetrated by some terroristic organizations. Indeed, the tragedy that happened with the Yazidi people is a heinous crime against humanity and the civilized world. We share your grief and sincerely express solidarity with you.

I wish the Yazidi community of Armenia, all the Yazidi families steadfastness and spiritual strength. As a consolation, always realize that in the homeland, in the Republic of Armenia, you have a safe and protected future and a wide field of progress’’.

Edited and translated by Tigran Sirekanyan